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Fundraiser Exclusive For Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Victims. Help Them Now
464 km & 13 million affected

the ngo.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) translates to Doctors without Borders. We provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff - bound together by our charter.  Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. We are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organisation.


MSF was founded in 1971 in Paris by a group of journalists and doctors. Today, we are a worldwide movement of nearly 63,000 people.

What has been done for the Syrian Earthquake victims so far?

• Offering immediate medical care: From the first hours, our teams treated around 200 wounded and received 160 casualties in facilities and clinics we run or support in northern Idlib.

• Donating emergency medical kits to other healthcare facilities in the region.

• Sending MSF ambulances, extra staff to hard-hit medical facilities.


100% of the donations goes to MSF directly through a verified fundraising site from MSF. Altruvists are authorised to promote this fundraiser on the behalf of MSF. donations are used exclusively for Syrian Earthquake victims. donors will be informed of any changes in this policy

about us.

we are an effective altruism startup
effective altruism means to donate like you invest. expecting transparency & a ROI of your donation for maximum impact

This led us to building the world's 1st social platform that allows donors to make data driven donations to NGOs that practice transparency & efficiency. Public will be able to make donations in both fiat & crypto currencies. Register to be among our closed community of early users.

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WikiCharities is a reputable US based Nonprofit ecosystem that helps them connect, validate & collaborate



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Funema is an impact investment firm based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.


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Niamatullah is an Islamic musical group that spearheads various giving back community work

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